Moree's beauty therapy specialists provide you with the following:

Our beauty therapy services

Moree's beauty therapy specialists, Mytyme Beauty provides a wide range of beauty services including manicures, pedicures, waxing, tinting, artificial nails, facials, massage, intensive skin treatments, pregnancy massage, spray tans, makeup and eyelash perms.

Our skincare range

Mytyme Beauty stocks skincare ranges Sothys, Emergin C, O Cosmedics, Dermaceuticals, Youngblood Mineral Makeup and St Tropez Spray Tan. We also stock a large range of OPI Nail Polishes and Herbal Linaments. When you have a beauty therapy treatment with us, you can expect the best.

Hot right now!

The Revolutionary Skin DNA Test is now avaialble at Mytyme!!

Imagine looking into your future and seeing how your skin will age. Now imagine a revolutionary SkinDNA Test that will tell you how your skin will age before it happens.
O Cosmedics
 SkinDNA examines 16 Genetic Markers associated with aging to create a skincare routine especially targeted to your genetic blueprint.  How amazing would it be to know exactly how your skin will age and what you can use now to prevent it!!

 The Test starts from $299 and we have some great packs which include treatment and product protocol. Get on the right track today and take the one off Skin DNA test!


Our Diamond head Microdermabrasion system is an extremely effective treatment targeting skin concerns such as: Acne/Scarring, Age Spots,Stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damaged skin, uneven skin tone and rough skin textures. The Latest Diamond Head system relies on suction in combination with the special diamond tips to exfoliate the skin. This process is much stronger and more suitable for treating older stretch marks and deeper acne scarring. We recommend a skin consultation prior to any Micro Treatment.


Face only-$90

Face and Neck $110

OPI gel now in stock!!!

Mytyme Beauty now stock the latest revolution in Nail Technology! A OPI gel manicure is more hygeinic than any other gel manicure. It is a combination of gel and polish which deals with your natural nails rather than glue or any kind of fake nails.The new Opi Gel makes your nail stronger because of its composition and lasts for approximately two weeks or longer. Our Treatment price is $35-50 and takes aproximately 45mins!!

The NEW Dermapen Treatment has arrived!!


We are extremely excited to be able to introduce the most advanced skin needling treatment available on the market today! The Dermapen 3 offers intense collagen induction by using the body's innate ability to re-grow and repair the skin. The device has been used to treat visible signs of aging, wrinkles, as well as various types of scarring, stetch marks, pigmentation, sun-damage and much more!

The Dermapen Cryo model allows us to remove unsightly skin lesions such as warts, skin tags and age spots. The Cryo pen freezes the lesions intercellular fluid, rupturing the cell membrane and destroying the cell. The Dermapen Cryo is safe for all areas of the face and body, including the eye area.